Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Products Added: White Diamonds, Emerald Beads, Tourmaline Drops, and More

Beacab Gems Inc. (New York, USA) added more than 200 items to its online collection at New Items include white diamond beads, emerald beads, tourmaline drops, aquamarine beads, and various colored stone jewelry necklaces in 14kt yellow and white gold. items that have been added vary in various shades of color as well as sizes that may be suitable for designers as well as jewelry enthusiasts.

"The collection of items that we have recently added to our website will stretch our company's range in the products that we offer to the global jewelry industry. Some of these items are from old mines that are now depleted of any gemstone material and are highly sought for by high-end designers and collectors." says Sumeet Chordia, Head of Operations.

Several of these items will be showcased on the company's homepage.

Emerald Beads

White Diamond Beads

Tourmaline Drops Beads


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