Monday, January 3, 2011

Black diamond beads- black beauty!

Everything related to black diamond beads, their nature, care and purchase. Tips on how to source genuine black diamond beads, large black diamond beads, carved black diamonds and many more.

Black diamond beads are capable of adding allure and charm to almost every piece of jewellery conceivable to man. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, lariats and chokers- all could be interestingly fabricated using black diamond beads. These beads are available in a wide variety of colors apart from black.

2 to 2.50 mm - Black Diamond Faceted Beads - 4 Lines - 60.50 carats


1.70 to 3.40 mm - Black Diamond Faceted Beads - 41.64 carats - 15 inches

 Connoisseurs are also able to pick from numerous shapes such as smooth-finished ovals, drum-shaped cylinders, faceted crystals or cubes. Briolettes- that are faceted drop-shaped beads with a hole drilled at one or both ends are also a hit among jewellery designers and enthusiasts. These can be used to infuse elegance in long dangling earrings or add that finishing touch of color and class to necklaces. Genuine black diamond beads will have a bright lustre owing to the extreme hardness of diamond. Given the nature of diamonds not much precaution is required while handling or cleaning your jewelry. However like everything precious be gentle on the jewelry and use a good quality detergent and brush to clean your jewelry. Always dry your jewelry before storing it.

Wholesale black diamond beads are available in different sizes and in strands of varying lengths form 15 inches upwards. Every size from large black diamond beads down to the smallest chips is available for sale. A strand of matched, graduated genuine diamond beads could be a fitting replacement for the heirloom family pearls- and so much more durable too! In fact diamond being the hardest substance on earth there is very little by way of toughness that pearls can claim as opposed to it. That is not to take away credit from pearls, but wouldn’t it be great not to have any concerns about the annual restringing and care generally required of pearls!?

Black diamond beads are not only for jewellery designers and manufacturers. In fact is it very easy for do-it-yourself types who have a love of making their own jewellery to fabricate beautiful neckpieces out of diamond beads. These could be used in combination with gold, silver or other colored stone beads to make interesting and unique pieces for personal use or gifting. Neck clasps or hooks are available at your local jeweller or you could google for dealers in your area for the required raw material.

So now we come to the most important part of your foray into jewelry making- the sourcing of black diamond beads. The Internet is the answer to all our prayers so it seems. Wholesale black diamond beads are available with retailers and wholesalers on the web. It is now possible to place orders for genuine black diamond beads with these online stores from the comfort of your home. The order can be placed through their website, email or phone. Merchandise is shipped across the length and breadth of several continents at a cost. It is possible to view the gems online at the dealer’s website, or you could see them in real-time using a webcam or Skype. Black diamond beads wholesale at these website at attractive prices and have numerous choices for the discerning customer. Carved and loose black diamonds along with faceted black diamonds are also among the choices these suppliers offer.

For those who are not really the DIY types, these very same dealers offer wire jewellery made using diamond beads. Or you could always order and have your family jeweller string them up in a style that flatters you. One really can’t go wrong with this eternal gem- the diamond. It adds grace and lends charm to its wearer and as we all know it is forever.

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