Thursday, August 25, 2011

Estate Jewelry – Learn More about New Fashion Era

Estate jewelry is a new era of fashion. Add new thing in your jewelry collection. Estate jewelry is simply jewelry that was previously owned by someone else. It may or may not be 'vintage'.  Shopping of fine estate jewelry is best investment and gives a rich look your personality. Most of people search the perfect piece of estate jewelry.

Estate jewelry comes with rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, lady’s rings, pendants, neck chains, brooch etc…

estate jewelry
Estate Jewelry

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pave Beads and Charms

Pave beads are metal beads covered with gemstones in a special setting called 'pave'. In this setting, groups of tiny diamonds or gemstones are set together with small grains of precious (or non-precious) metal raised slightly above the gems. Let us learn more about these versatile jewelry components.

Pave beads and charms coming with different patterns with various materials as following…

Pave Diamond Beads

10 x 12mm Pave Diamond Roundelle Shaped Beads in Silver
10 mm Pave Diamond Sphere (Ball) Shaped Beads in 18kt White Gold

Pave Silver Beads
11 x 6.40mm Pave Diamond Fancy Drum Shaped Beads in Silver

12mm Pave Diamond Fancy Sphere Shaped Beads in Silver

Pave Black Diamond Beads

12mm Pave Black Diamond Sphere (Ball) Shaped Beads in Silver

11mm Pave Black Diamond Coin Shaped Beads in Silver

Pave Pink Sapphire Beads

12mm Pave Pink Sapphire Sphere (Ball) Shaped Beads in Silver