Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cameron Diaz in Gemstone Beads Jewelry

Cameron Diaz, the leggy blond beauty sported simple but appealing gemstone bead jewelry, a double strand of turquoise beads, at her latest film, Bad Teacher’s global premier at Cancun, Mexico. In keeping with her casual and cute style the immensely talented and even more stylish star chose a belted A.L.C jumpsuit, Current/Elliot denim jacket and neutral wedges and added a lovely bright splash of color with gemstone bead jewelry in the form of a double strand of bright blue turquoise beads.

Cameron Diaz in Gemstone Beads Jewelry
Cameron Diaz
In fact gemstone bead jewelry can be a perfect accessory for any of your outfits and at any occasion be it formal or casual outing with friends. Cameron is wearing turquoise tubes of a bright blue hue. Turquoise is available in several shades of blue that range from a brilliant robin’s egg blue to a lazy mysterious blue-green color. Black or sometimes white veins of rock run through true turquoise stones. Beads may be round, round with flat tops (called roundelles), cube shaped, elongated tube shaped (called simply ‘tubes) or carved. Turquoise is not the only stone you can use to make your very own gemstone beads jewelry. There are several other gems that are drilled through with holes and sold as beads over the internet or at brick and mortar stores across the world. Sapphire, tourmaline, lapis, quartz, ruby, emerald and even diamond beads are available for the discerning connoisseur or creator of gemstone bead jewelry. Readymade gemstone bead jewelry is also readily available, but what could be more exciting than creating your own jewelry using a color palette you yourself have chosen to go with your outfits, or sometimes, simply because you liked the color, shape or texture of a string of gemstone beads?

Here are some ideas to create simple yet stunning gemstone bead jewelry.

You can create necklaces, bracelets, earrings (danglers as well as simple drop earrings), anklets and just about anything you put your mind to with gemstone beads (except maybe rings). Necklaces could be chokers, elegant collar necklaces with a single strand of graduated beads, longer princess length, opera length or lariat necklaces. Cameron is probably wearing an opera length necklace draped twice around her neck for a casual look that is quite chic. Lariats can be worn, or rather draped, in a multitude of ways making them a fun accessory that is never quite the same when worn differently with different outfits. Simple earrings holding a row of beads or even fringe earrings popularized by Natalie Portman at the 2010 Oscars can be easily crafted using simple techniques and a few tools. Bracelets – single strand or multiple strand ones could be made to attain the bohemian chic look. For the more kitschy, anklets- delicate or chunky – take your pick can add the oomph factor to a sarong at the beach or jeans at a rave party.

Gemstone beads jewelry can be created in every color imaginable since gemstone beads themselves are available in every color of the rainbow and then some. Blue stones include blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, blue chalcedony turquoise (a la Cameron), blue topaz, iolite, aquamarine and tanzanite. Yellow stone beads may be mad out of yellow topaz, citrine, yellow sapphire, or even yellow diamonds. Green beads abound in jade, emerald, quartz, peridot, green sapphire and tourmaline. Reds and pinks will be made of ruby, tourmaline, spinel and rose quartz. Apart from these gemstones are available in black (spinel, black diamond and onyx), colorless (diamonds and quartz) and many other interesting colors or shades thereof. A most interesting stone bi-color tourmaline- also known as watermelon tourmaline is an intriguing shade of green with a red centre- very much like a watermelon. Color changing stones like sapphire and alexandrite are also available though these may be rare and not available in bead material.

Charms and Accessories
Your gemstone bead jewelry need not be all stones and nothing else. You can add charms, metal beads, mix and match different beads and use different pendants or centerpieces to make your gemstone bead jewelry more interesting, personalized and stand out from the rest. Findings- things like clasps, spacer beads and such can be found at most jewelry wholesale shops or online.  Any tools, equipment and beading wire too can easily be found online for the beading enthusiast.


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